Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Rusty Robots.

Look out come the Rusty Robots.

No. Not a heavy metal band but some post apocalyptic robots from Ramshackle Game's recent Kickstarter.  

I plan to use the robots as wasteland dangers lurking in the ruins waiting for someone to trip their proximity fields upon which they power up and unleash mayhem. Other possibilities include use as objectives or as scrap metal body guards/henchmen of wasteland merchants or some sinister character. 

The robots come in multiple resin pieces which allows you to construct them in whatever combination your crazed imagination can come up with. 

The robots come with various heads which can allow you to mix them up like I have. Ramshackle will supply one type of head if you fancy something to unify your robot army of evil. 

The resin pieces had little flash to clean up. A quick wash of the parts and it was onto assembly. Superglue does the trick. The robots where undercoated in black and painted silver. Then the top color was added to give the bots a worn look. Rust was added in places by using brown or orange paint. Then it was a couple of black and brown washes to tie the figures together. All that left was the details. 

My favorite robot is the Dog-Bot

Another use for my Robots is to use them as a Warband. What does every Warband need? A leader. As if by fate a friend passed me the primed figure below a couple of weeks before the Robots landed (Cheers Tinker, I owe you yet another beer!). 

It is my pleasure to introduce to you all Sergeant Hammerstein of the ABC Warriors!! 

The figure (I think) is a Mongoose 2000AD Hammerstein. I have been a fan of the comic strip since I was knee high so I am pretty stoked to have this figure in my collection. 

I did have to add a base made from an old gift card trimmed to size. Clean kitty litter was added as ballast. Hopefully ol' Hammerstein will be more stable when he sees action on the games table. 

The Rusty Robots Warband. 

Maybe I should add some 2000AD Renegade Robots to this clanking mob?? 

Thanks for looking.


  1. They look wonderful and you've got me all nostalgic about 2000AD, perhaps you need a Ro Jaws now?

    1. You have done it now....I now want a Ro Jaws! 😂

    2. Sorry about that, but look what I've found. ;)

  2. Ace job dude! Some awesome minis gotta love the ABC robot.