Thursday, 8 October 2015

Abandoned Industrial Terrain

Welcome back to my blog. 

For some time I have had some abandoned industrial terrain laying there waiting for me to finish them. So four years later I got up to speed. 

The storage tanks. Who knows what may have been stored in these? Fuel, concrete, chemicals, flour or sugar maybe?  Should we investigate? 

These where originally designed for my STALKER games but they fit Post Apoc very nicely. They maybe also useful for the Undercity too (apart from the tufts of grass that is!).

This model is made from three bottle tops and three yakult bottles. The pipe work on top is made from thick pipe solder. It is easy to work with. The whole thing is mounted on a CD. 

The barrels are made from press cast milliput. I use laytex molds taken from model bits. Great for making Post Apoc terrain bits cheaply. 

The master mixer and processing tank. This again is bottle tops, yakult bottles and thick pipe solder. The big tank is made from a tank from a cheap toy gun. The breather hole has had a straw inserted to make a breather pipe. 

The processing tank is mounted on a milk bottle/carton top. The control panel is a toy mobile phone from a cheap action figure. 

The pipe work and power panel is from a resin Old Crow 6mm scale refinery pipework set. The old bandy and warped packing crate is also press cast. 

Thanks for looking. 

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