Friday, 2 October 2015

Roach Jones

Roach Jones lives in the overcrowded megablocks of Utopia City, Mattblackgod's world's only surviving mega city. Roach is a nobody. For some time he has been haunted by disturbing dreams which featured a lot of symbols of the Matt Black God. 

Looks like Roach's base needs some time for the glue to dry - whoops!! 

Roach approached the Church of the Matt Black God hoping to find some answers. They saw him as a heretic and attacked him. Roach fled with the angry cultists in hot pursuit. Roach dodged through a marketplace causing the cultists and shoppers to riot. 

This has lead to the Utopia City Magistrates to become interested in Roach Jones because he incited a riot and is in possession of an illegal weapon.  

Still clutching a holy holo book from the cult which Roach hopes to find answers and the pistol he took off a cultist Roach flees across the city. Roach sees his only option is to head to Atomic Alley where it is rumored that there is a entrance to the fabled and dreaded undercity. 

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