Sunday, 17 January 2016

Blood and Fire Additions.

Welcome back to my blog. 

I cant believe it is past the center point of January already. That said, it has seemed incredibly long since going back to work. The holidays seem a dim and distant memory now. 

Not a lot in the way of hobby going on with one thing another. I have been working on the background and setting for Blood and Fire. I find if I don't write down my ideas they spin around my head and I end up not being able to sleep. That said, no sooner have I finished a bunch of other ideas rumble along and things change. I am keeping notes to update things as I go along as ideas often come to me when going to bed, at work or driving along. 

On the 28mm stuff my order from Taban finally arrived last week, more than 3 months after I ordered it. 

Taban threw in some resin bases as an apology. However I don't think I will be ordering from them again. 

I have been picking up odds and ends for my Blood and Fire setting. Luckily I stumbled upon some cars from the old GW game Dark Future cheaply on Evilbay. That is a rarity in these times as many sellers seem to be wanting stupid money for Dark Future stuff these days. 

Sadly there was no weapons with the cars. Those things are getting thin on the ground these days. The cars have drivers in which is a bonus. The camouflage renegade will fit in nicely into one of the Civilization factions I am developing. This little lot brings my DF collection up to 6 renegades, 7 Interceptors and 8 bikes. 

I put an order into to Elheim for the Warlands set as a Apocmas gift. 
I look forward to getting the basic set cleaned up and painted. The rule book is the basic rules. I am glad I downloaded the full rule books last year. 

It seemed a little silly not getting some of the other Warlands goodies when I was ordering. 

A Maxwell car, wanderer and dog, characters, Biker Boss, Bikers, Blowers and vehicle accessory pack. 

I like the maxwell interceptor model. The back allows all manner of conversions. A goods transport or Fury Road Warboys car springs to mind. I think I may have to get a couple more of these cars. That said I would like to get some more of the Warlands range. 

A fat parcel of Elhiem figures also arrived to help populate my Blood and Fire world. Whilst they are nice sculpts they are aimed at ultra modern gang warfare or zombie games. I am thinking that I will have to (attempt) to sculpt bits on them to make them look more wastelandry. The plan is to remove the some of the automatic weapons and add bags, pouches, bandages, rags, scarves, goggles, shoulder pads, home made armor and other odds and ends (any other ideas greatly received). 

Sometime in the near future I will do another comparison picture of the various figure ranges including the Warlands stuff. I have just picked up a couple of (overpriced) DF figures off Evilbay so I plan to wait until they are in my greasy mitts. 

That's all for now. Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there! 


  1. Loving the new additions especially the interceptor - looking forward to seeing that painted.

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  3. Nice haul of loot dude. Nice to hear the Taban stuff finally arrived as well.