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Civilisation - A Blood & Fire faction.

Civilisation is the nearest thing the post apocalyptic world has to a city state. The state is based in around 5 freshwater lakes, which are possibly the only remaining freshwater lakes in the world. It may be the only green place left in the world. Civilisation is protected by the high mountain range the lakes are located in. The passes into the mountains are blockaded and guarded to stop raiders. The steep mountain sides are linked by the Great Wall, a protective wall of strap and rubble.

Water is taken from the lakes to irrigate the soil which grows the crops used for food and fuel production.

There is several settlements of varying size within the state each fortified by piles of dirt and salvaged scrap. Each settlement has a mechanic/fixer, medic and armourer businesses that deal with keeping things running. The larger settlements (Sanctuary & Sun City) have several of such businesses.

Unfortunately with civilisation comes a darker side, the crime. Civilisation is plagued by petty theft, various organised crime gangs and roaming gangs of road crazies. The authorities have trouble containing these elements. Many gangs roam beyond the great wall looking for salvage and adventure. The gangs of Civilisation have better armed and equipped vehicles than the clans of the wastelands. This leads to them having the advantage but also becoming targets for the Clans.

Civilisation is protected by a roaming police force which runs about in old police cruisers. They are backed up by an elite force of heavily armed Interceptors which are built by the state. The Interceptors often go beyond the state's walls and patrol up to 50 miles away. They often go up against roaming wasteland gangs. The interceptors arsenal of machine guns, grenade launchers and autocannons are often more than a match for the roaming psychopaths in the wastes.

Locations within Civilisation:


Sanctuary city is the capitol. It is a ramshackle city of about 10,000 souls. It is home to the Halls of Justice where the police and interceptors are kept, repaired and maintained. The ruler of civilisation President Smeeg holds court in Sanctuary towers.

The bunker of the Nu Life Corporation lies within the city walls. The corporation exists to improve the lives of civilisation whilst there leading scientist Dr X is working to try to reverse the damage to the world. Nu Life trades H20 diffusers with people beyond the walls of Civilisation which is of concern to Smeeg who thinks the scum may use the diffusers to become strong.

Sun City:

Sun City is Civilisation's second city with a population of about 5000. It is the location of the State's refinery. Plant matter is used to make fuel which powers the vehicles Civilisation uses. Fuel and oil thefts are common place and the police force and milita are kept busy trying to contain the crime.


The township of Population (pop 1540) is at one end of the infamous Anarchy Road. Population is the site of the State's munitions and armourer factories. Population is the only township where human waste and the corpses aren't used as fertilizer on the fields. These are used in munitions and explosives manufacture instead. Old world weapons are brought here and refurbished/repaired before being put to use on the Interceptors.


Motortown (pop 1200) is located in what was an old world car factory. There are new parts for thousands of vehicles. Some of these used for trade but mainly they are used for the production of the Interceptor cars.

There is thriving black market in new car parts and a style of armoured buggy nicknamed “the Renegade” is produced in sheds and caves across civilisation. They are often used by the criminal gangs within Civilisation and can also be found in gangs far beyond the walls of civilisation.

The police often confiscate any renegades that they find and make use of them as support vehicles. Some official state sanctioned gangs are also given the renegades and the cars are often used to escort goods convoys between the townships.


Anarchy (pop 300) is a dirty slum of a town and is regarded as a hive of villainy. It lies upon the infamous Anarchy Road that runs across the state. The road is plagued by criminal gangs. The township is regarded as the centre of the black market trade in vehicle parts, weapons and food.


Dust got it's name from the dusty desert plains it is built upon. Dust (pop 150) is a small town centred in amongst the muck farms. The land here is too poor to grow crops. Instead the farmers develop rich soil which is sold to better farms across the state. Some of the over worked richer soil is brought back to the farms in the hope to make better soil.

Dust is known as Civilisation's graveyard. The dead from across the state are brought to the muck farms around Dust. The corpses and other garbage is fed into what was wood chippers. The blood, flesh and bone sprays over the dead earth in an attempt to enrich the poor quality soil.

DrX spends a lot of time around Dust trying to find new ways to improve the soil quality.

Other Factions:

Dead Eye Gang – a criminal gang operating out of Anarchy.

Screw Jockeys – a roaming nomadic biker gang involved in various crimes. The often operate on the Anarchy Road.

Stalkers – no one knows where the term came from but Stalkers go out into the wastes looking for buried ruins. They return with whatever salvage the can find. The Stalkers often operate off road vehicles & trucks in military colours. Some Stalker convoys have the odd Renegade escort buggy. Despite their appearance and the time spent out in the wastes the Stalker teams are still considered vital to Civilisation's survival. Many Stalkers prefer to live in remote camps a few miles beyond the great wall claiming that they feel at odds with civilisation. As far a Smeeg is concerned he is happy to have these weirdos live outside and the camps do add an extra element of security to the state.

All young folks above 16 years spend 2 years service in the Milita. The Milita guard the walls and gates across the state. There is a hardcore of permanent full time officers in the Milita. Most citizens must go for two weeks active service/training per year within the Milita. This allows Civilisation to have a on hand army should a horde sweep in from the wastelands.

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