Sunday, 28 February 2016

Blood & Fire - Warlands Vehicles.

Welcome back to my blog. These posts are like buses. You hang around for ages and several come along at once! 

One of the things I have been working on are the resin vehicles from the Warlands set and the Maxwell car. 

First up the buggies....

I chose the black livery for one (not that you can tell under the dirt and weathering). which will fit Warlord Blackskull's horde. The other is a rustbucket which can be happy attached to any force I feel like. 

Buggies race across the wastelands of the paint table! 

The buggies are a pleasure to paint and well detailed. 

A size comparison of a Warlands buggy with a Dark Future Renegade. 

Another vehicle in the Warlands boxed set is the Truck. 

The truck is well detailed and fun to paint. Again I have chosen the black paint scheme of Warlord Blackskull. 

The truck will be used as a cargo hauler/objective. In the Mad Max computer game there are similar looking Scrap Hauling trucks. I am thinking of making a few cargo bases for the truck. Scrap, fuel barrels, water barrels and general supplies are a few ideas I am playing with. 

Another set from the Warlands range is the Maxwell car and Stranger figure (the bases on the figures still need finishing). 

Although I am not going to arm too many cars in Blood & Fire I decided a road warrior car may be packing some heat, in this case a Spud Cannon (autocannon). 

I quite like the Warlands stuff and I foresee myself buying some more vehicles in the future. 

Thanks for looking. 

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