Sunday, 28 February 2016

Road Warrior Car Feb Update

Hello and welcome back. 

As you may recall from the last post, over on the Post Apoc Wargames forum the Warlord's 2016 challenge is to build a post apoc vehicle. Take a look and join in! Look here.

For the Challenge I am working on making a Road Warrior Car for my Blood and Fire setting. 

Since the last report work has been slow but I am glad to say it is starting to get there. 
The wheel arches are done and need a little sanding. The spoiler is made from card and green stuff. It still needs a little filling. 

The front spoiler has been added to. It was constructed in thick card and green stuff holds it in place. The detail was made in thinner card and glued over the face. 

The not Max figure is The Stranger from Warlands. 

The tanks and blower are items from Warlands. The resin stowage and jerry cans are made by Fields Of Glory and are intended for 1:72 WW2 Allied vehicles. 

The exhausts are made from 1mm brass wire bent to fit. 

The car needs a little more filling and sanding before I paint it. 

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there.