Saturday, 11 March 2017

15mm Wasteland Characters

15mm scale is really talking to me at the moment. As a result I am starting a 15mm Post Apoc project. The plan is to restart Mattblackgod's world in 15mm with some new towns and some reused factions in 15mm.

There will be some reusing of my 15mm Wild Galaxy figures, as soon as I have sorted my first setting fluff  for "Drop Town". I will be gaming mainly small skirmish games.

Firstly let me introduce you to THE WARLORD!!!!

This is the big bad scary guy who will be commanding hordes of fierce wastelanders. The stories say that the wolf pelt he wears came from a wolf the Warlord killed with his teeth! This figure is by Khurasan minatures and is large for a 15mm.  Which suits as it makes him intimidating looking leader.

Alice came into the Shanties outside Drop Town a couple of seasons back. She is a hardcase and skilled fighter. Alice has a sense of justice which she cannot ignore. Her kick ass attitude has come to the attention of the leader of Drop Town, a old guy called Dok. He has made her an associate (half citizen of Drop Town) if she takes the job of Sheriff of the Shanties. Someone needs to keep law and order in the shanty town. Alice is considering his proposal. The figure is by Khurasan Miniatures.

This is the Wanderer. A strange loner who is more than a little crazy. He wanders into the Shanties and Drop Town Market from time to time to trade salvage for fuel, ammunition and parts. No one has ever seen the vehicle he runs. No one dares follow him out into the wastes as he is crazy. The figure is by Khurasan Miniatures. 

This guy is called "Marked One". No one knows his real name, not even him. He currently works at the largest bar in the shanties, the 111,000 creds bar. He works as the bouncer cracking the heads of drunks who get out of hand. Marked One carries a sniper rifle of excellent quality and is a crack shot. This scavenger speaks of his travels and a place out beyond the mountains filled with salvage, strange mutant animals, toxins, radioactivity and stranger phenomenon. He calls this place the Zone and often says he will return because it keeps calling him. Many Scavengers think he is a little unhinged.

I have no idea what this mini is but I liked it a lot (*edit - The figure is from Ion Age).

Group shot. 

Thats all for now. Thanks for looking. 


  1. the marked one is great, and him background too... ew

  2. Nicely done figures and excellent fluff, sir.

  3. Thank you for sharing valuable information. Nice post. I enjoyed reading this post.

  4. Splendid job on the Khurasans!