Saturday, 11 March 2017

Civilization Interceptor Drivers.

Hello and Welcome back to my blog,

Hobby! Hobby! I am actually getting some hobby related stuff done! I have to distract the cat hordes and wear them out for a hour or so. This leaves me a couple of hours of time to spend doing hobby stuff whilst they sleep. It stops all the noses and paws in everything.

I have managed to get some 20mm figures finished for my Blood and Fire setting.

These are Interceptor Drivers from Civilisation. They patrol out into the Wastelands to keep Civilisation safe from the vermin on machines.

Zac Kelly loves to play old world rock and metal when he rides into battle. He is a cool cat and very little rattles him. The figure is a old GW Dark Future mini.

Karla Kickass is one of the few lady Interceptor drivers. She is a fierce opponent and doesn't like to lose. The figure is by Elhiem miniatures. The sculpt isn't too great.

Kip Charles is a ex military hardcase. Kip is a veteran of a thousand battles. He is gung ho and shows no mercy. The figure is a old GW Dark Future figure. 

The car in the background is a old GW Dark Future Interceptor. 

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there!