Friday, 14 April 2017

Wasteland Wondering - 15mm terrain update.

Hello and welcome back to another Wasteland Wondering.

Gah! It's Easter already. Where has the year gone? At least (I hope) I may get some hobby time in. I have been a little busy of late making some terrain for my 15mm post apoc project.

First up is a display board for my 15mm stuff. I intended to use this as a test for how I want my terrain boards to look.

This is made from a vynil floor tile stuck to a old pizza box lid to increase stiffness. After sanding it I glued some sand to the board. It was then hit with a red oxide rattle can. I found this a little too red for the look I want. Routing around in the hobby cave I uncovered pots of Vallejo Dry Earth and a Sand textured paints. The dry earth and sand were brushed on and water added to mix it on the floor tile. It has given a nice semi dried look to the board.

Some fine cork chippings where glued on in places. I painted these light grey and then drybrushed them with white. The whole board was lightly dry brushed with sand and then bone colours. A chestnut wash was added to tone and blend the colours. I feel this board still needs something but I am not sure what.

In history back.....before the days of this blog I made some terrain for my VSF games set on Mars.

I have decided that the Mars terrain might be useful for various scales however it looks a little redder than I wanted.

I plan to retouch these up in the same manner as the above display tile.

In the dark corners of my hobby cave there was some bits left over from my undercity project which was made mainly from Mantic Sci Fi kits:

I intended to use these as walls for my 28mm however they will make very good perimeter walls for 15mm SF with a little paint.

Meanwhile the crashed Harrier project moves forward slowly. I got the ground cover and textured paint done.
Next weathering, washes and highlighting.

My planned terrain boards for my 15mm post apoc project are still in design with my mulling over several ideas for what I want and how I will achieve it.

I have been working on a couple of vehicles. A Ural truck and a SF vehicle from Critical Mass Games. These are still WIP and need a bit more work.

In the 15mm queue there is the shanties from white dragon, the mdf ruins, ruins and adobe buildings by Amera Plastic Mouldings. Plenty to keep me going for a bit.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a good Easter weekend. Stay safe out there.