Wednesday, 5 April 2017

White Dragon Goodies.

Weclome back to my demented ramblings.

Not much happening at the moment hobby wise. Last weekend I managed to get some resin and mdf models primed. I even started painting. This stalled when one of my young cats started invading my paint table wanting to play. So like the dutiful cat slave I cleared it away to play with him & prevent the potential disaster of paint spillage. At this point he lost interest and went to sleep. Cats!!

Plans to start some terrain boards has stalled as I have not had a chance to go shopping for supplies. There is also some 15mm terrain bits from Amera Plastic Mouldings to get painted up. 

My car is in for major underside repairs which will take a couple of days. Apparently PT Cruisers are not made for the wasteland state of many of Britain's roads. So I am using the old Rat Bike. The long commutes each way battling traffic can leave you a little tired of an evening. More so than travelling in a car. The battering from the wind and being in a higher state of alertness takes it's toll.

My old Rat bike

Carrying huge bags of sand and pots of paint is difficult on a motorbike. Not impossible but very difficult. I once carried a couple of sacks of potting soil on a bike. That was fun. It made it handle like a three legged giraffe on hallucinagenic drugs at a disco. Not recommended. So no terrain building shopping will happen until I get my old car back. 

My evening was brightened up by the arrival of some bits I ordered from White Dragon Miniatures. When I saw the 15mm shanty buildings I could not resist. They are perfect for my 15mm post apocalyptic project.

Makings of a post apoc village. 

Once I had got the cat to remove his head from the box and stopped him trying to eat the styrofoam packing chips (weird animal!) I managed to get a good look my goodies. The castings look good with no casting bubbles or flash. The smaller pieces have a little resin flash to clean up. It shouldn't take too much to clean them up. Now all I need is some dry weather to get them primed. I look forward to getting them painted. 

Back to the cat wrangling. Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there. 

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