Friday, 19 May 2017

15mm post apocalyptic Ghouls.

To the south of Drop City there is a ruined city. The ruins are largely left alone by the Scavengers of the Shanties. There is a good reason why. The ruins are haunted by ghouls.

These ghouls are from Magester Militum. They run two different lines. One is a bit lankier and taller than the other. The legs on the thinner figures can be delicate. I managed to break one off its legs. I will save that for another model.

The ghouls where once human. These filthy creatures dressed in dirty stinking rags resemble something undead from the old horror movies that are sometimes shown in the Shanties bars.

Something in the old ruins turns people into rabid feral creatures. The ghouls remember how to use basic weapons but their low intellignece and short memory means they are easily distracted or fooled. When riled the ghouls show no fear and will not stop until they are dead.

These sad creatures eat what they find in the ruins and are cannibalistic. If there is no one to eat they will often turn on each other for food.

Loud noises often attracts them. Well armed parties often find themselves out numbered and running low on ammunition as hordes of the creatures stagger out of the ruins and rush forward screaming.  Thankfully bullets kill them easily.

Drop City's Doc thinks that the ghouls are created by a mutated or weakened rage virus. Maybe time or some sort of contaminating has changed it so the infected are no longer consumed with rage. The victim's attention span, intellect and memory are effected. They can no longer communicate vocally and are limited to grunting and growling. In a perfect world the Doc would pity them but for Drop City's safety and survival he orders them shot on sight.

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