Monday, 29 May 2017

15mm vehicles and buildings.

Welcome back to my blog.

I have some 15mm post apocalyptic or frontier world goodness for you and some 28mm plans.

First up a lightly armoured escort vehicle leads a transport across the wasteland.

The escort vehicle is from Critical Mass Games and was a delight to paint. The Ural 4320 truck is a kit by Zvezda. Very nice kit and I suspect I may be purchasing more.

Next up there is a building for the Drop City setting I am working on but it would fit many Sci Fi settings nicely. It will be either a block house near the scrap/container wall or maybe in the Shanties.

This building is by White Dragon Miniatures. It is quite detailed and was fun to paint. This would look good on any table.

I have White Dragon's shanty buildings and walls. I look forward to cracking on with them.

Right now I am working on some 28mm Rogue Trader Era Orks for my 28mm  Post Apocalyptic setting. I am planning on moving all the 28mm factions into the ruins of the planet's capitol city. This idea came from Metro 2033 and the Gangs of Nu Ork rules. It would allow all my factions to be within fighting distance. The size of a mega city would allow them all to be distant enough not to be tripping over each other. There is something to attract all factions on the world....the Tomb of the Mattblackgod.

Thanks for reading. Take care out there.

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