Sunday, 25 June 2017

New Trog additions.

Hello and welcome back to my blog. For a change there is actually some miniature related content.

Somewhere in the mists of time I picked up a handful of old 40K RT era metal Orks to bolster my Ork Army from back in the day. Finally I got some paint slapped on them ready to join their mobs in my army.

I chose to go with the traditional green skin. The rest of my forces are a mix of human flesh colours. I get around this by claiming what ever the Trogs are exposed to during spawning can effect skin colour. MBW is heavily contaminated and it gives me a good excuse for Trogs of many colours.

This trio are to join the second Boss Mob of the Mattblack Trog. Note the black war paint and the unit markers on the bases. The Mattblack Clan are a new Trog/Ork clan unique to Mattblackgod's world.

This pair are to join the Evil Moons mob of the Bad Moon Clan.

I had a lot of fun painting these guys and I am resisting the temptation to strip my entire Ork Force to repaint them.

In the to paint pile is a Kromlech Afrika Korps Orks which will form a unit from the Blood Axes Clan. My friend Xander donated lots of feral looking Orks mostly painted which will form a band of Snake Bite Clan (Thanks again Dr X). I know the sizes of Ork figures greatly differ from the late 80's and the modern efforts which are nearly twice as big. But that doesn't bother me. Orks aren't supposed to be uniform and the smaller ones could be Yoofs.

Thanks for reading. Take care out there.

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