Friday, 30 June 2017

Photobucket! Grrrrr!

You may notice that a few threads on here have now got some crappy Photobucket icons instead of pictures. Apparently we can longer share our photos unless we each pay a large some sum of loot. $399 a year!! Not only does it mess up this blog but the post apoc wargames forum posts. 

Photobucket can go f**K themselves with a thunderstick. Twice. 

Thankfully google allows pictures to be uploaded. Can anyone recommend a photo sharing site we can post img codes from?  Sadly zeta boards which hosts the post apoc wargames forums doesn't let us upload our own pictures.



  1. I upload my pics to blogger, presumably you can [img] from there?

  2. so i use blogger upload pics,i never had problems.. EW