Thursday, 29 March 2018

Wasteland Wondering

Hello and Welcome back wasteland wanderers, 

There hasn't been a post in a while. One thing slowing down painting is a viral bug I have picked up. It has left me not in the mood to do any painting. My good lady had made a full recovery from her operation. 

I have been reading Days Too Dark by JJ Shurte (you can find it on Amazon). It is a great post apocalyptic novel written as a journal of a recovering warrior. The book is a very good read and worth a look if you love post apocalyptic settings. There is quite a few good ideas in there for the PA wargamer and model maker. I liked it so much I had to treat myself to a paperback version. 

Hobby wise I have been working on the Nu Necromunda Eshers, it has been slow going as I keep messing up and having to go back and repair. Half the gang is done now. 

To take a break from the Eshers I painted a random free figure Foundry sent me. Here we see a random Wasteland armed with a homemade black powder musket.

To while away the time I have been playing a lot of the Mad Max video game. All good fun and it is inspiring some new gang ideas. The game is great inspiration for anyone who likes to game/model make the Post Apoc. I found the tomb of a Biker Warlord and looted his "Chariot". I love the bike and skeleton on the back. 

That is my kinda car. I need one for the table top. Or real life. Anyone got a 69 Charger they don't want? 

I have been reading the beta for the Blood and Rust rules, which is a 28mm scale vehicle skirmish game based on the Mad Max movies. The rules read good and I am planning on giving them a spin sometime soon. The rules can be found on the Blood and Rust Facebook page.

The one thing I like about the Mad Max genre is the lack of firearms. Automatic weapons are a rarity. It reflects the post apocalyptic world a couple of decades on. Such weapons would be worn and tired. Good ammunition would be extremely rare. Remade ammunition may be available but would increase wear on the weapon and cause jams. Whilst gun powder and other propellents may be fairly simple to make but finding the necessary chemicals in a post apocalyptic world may be difficult.

One thing about the post apoc wargames figures available on the market is the abundance of automatic weaponry. I would love to see more lines of figures armed with bows, crossbows and various melee weapons. Mark Copplestone's Scavengers would be great in melee versions (hint hint). Or maybe inspired by Road Warrior/Fury Road/Mad Max video game (hint, hint, HINT!!).

Thanks for reading, stay safe out there.

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  1. Great job on the mini from Foundry. I agree completely on the over abundance of automatic weapon on miniatures. Its what bugs me with certain games. Not saying the rules shouldn't be there for them but they should have a far higher cost to purchase compared to more primitive weapons.