Friday, 2 March 2018

Helsreach table fodder

Hello and Welcome back.

Ever since I was asked to co host the Helsreach table with Curtis from Ramshackle games at the 2018 Bring Your Own Lead show, I have been a little worried that I would not have enough buildings to cover a 8 X 4 foot table. 

Helsreach is a town on Logans World in the old 40K RT fluff. It is cut off from the rest of the imperium for many years at a time. A the world has to survive on its own it has a frontier cum post apocalyptic feel to it which suits my terrain collection perfectly. 

So I set up my 4 X 3 board and started to pile out my collection of township terrain.

Apologies for any flipped images. The pic loader site flipped them and won't let me spin them to a proper view.

First table

Second table

Table 3

I can safely say there is enough to fill one table. Some bits need a little tlc, not surprising as some of these models are over 12 years old. Helsreach will have a shanty, industrial zone and the commercial zone for the Star Bastards to fight over. The streets will need widening as the hooligans fighting across the table will have vehicles.

The other part of the table will be wastelands. I will be bringing a few bits to break the wastelands up.

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there.


  1. Looks to be enough to cover the required space especially after adding lanes for driving!

  2. Great looking scenery, should make for a very interesting board to play over with open space and varying height in the built up area

  3. wow,my old space orks army will be plesased to travel to your town! :) ew