Sunday, 8 July 2018

Carnage attack buggy.

Welcome back to my blog. 

Warlord Carnage rules the wastes with a iron hand. His fleet of vehicles keep the territories under his control safe from the crazies in the lands beyond. The usual methods of attack involve disabling vehicles or causing them to crash. His warboys strip the captured vehicles and build new vehicles. 

The attack buggy is a change of the usual tactics for the Warlord. It is only used when the citadel, gas town or ammo farm is under threat. The buggy’s aim is to destroy the enemy vehicles with fire power. It sports a heavy machine gun and a gauss autocannon. Here weapons where captured from a transporter. The story goes that they where taken from a Civilisation Interceptor. 

This started life as a Hotwheels buggy, the weapons where already on the car. All I have done is to add a blower and Jerry cans. 

Carnage will be getting more vehicles including a couple of odd ball vehicles and a possible warrig. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there.

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