Saturday, 1 September 2018

Scouts, Wanderers and Bounty Hunters.

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

Time for the weekly hobby update. Yet more figures painted for my Rubbleborg setting.

Firstly there is Roland De Rat

The figure is a old GW Necromunda Ratskin.

Roland De Rat is Mayor B’sturd’s go to man when he needs a location in the wastelands scouting out. Roland always returns with reliable information. He has been a wastelanders and scout since the day he learnt to walk. Rumour says he was abandoned by his parents when he started talking and they couldn’t shut him up. Do not make the mistake of asking Roland about his Rat Skin cloak. He will launch into his tail of running into the rat in the ruins when he was a lad. Three hours later of the blow by blow account you have lost the will to live.

The Wanderer.

 The wanderer is another one of those strange crazies who roam the wastelands alone, usually on foot. But don’t be fooled, this old man and his two pet ravens. He is wise and has much ancient knowledge. He is also a savage and dangerous warrior. The Wanderer is known for his berserk rages and is joyful in combat. He has never ran from battle. But that is only one side of the Wanderer. Stories tell of him rescuing and saving lone bandits or wanderers out in the wastes. Some tales speak of him arriving at a settlement with desperately needed supplies. He never arrives if looked for or expected. The Wanderer always arrives unlooked for. When in town he is worth speaking too. If he judges you worthy he may tell of the location of loot or give advice. 

The Wanderer is a Odin the Allfather figure by Footsore Miniatures. 

To help control the population of criminals and bandits attracted to Brittannia city, the Crown ordered a bounty hunter agency to be formed in the outer city (aka the slums). The company was called the Search and Destroy agency. The agency hires “Agents” and equips them. Brittannia put a price on Mayor B’sturd’s head, when the Rubbleborg sheriff arrested the Bounty Hunter and discovered this, B’sturd sent a runner to the SD office putting a bounty on the head of the Queen and each of the Lords of Brittannia. For some reason the bounty on B’sturd has been dropped.

These are three of the most famous agents. Left to Right Wulf Sternhammer (a warrior), Gronk (a weak hearted mutant and ace medic) and the legendary Johnny Alpha. The figures are by Warlord Miniatures from their recent Strontium Dogs game release.

That is all for this week. The totals so far are.... 17 finished and another 83 to go. 

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there.

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  1. Great new entries to your highly polluted collection!