Saturday, 25 August 2018

Rubbleborg additions

 Hello and welcome back to my blog.

Time for a update on my 100 painting challenge and a introduction to more characters from the area around Rubbleborg. 

First up is Gilnort:

Gilnort is some sort tribal shaman oddball who regularly visits Rubbleborg to trade what bits and bobs he has found. Gilnort also trades information to Mayor B’sturd about things has seen and the locations of uncontaminated fertile ground. B’sturd pays well for such information. No one likes to speak to Gilnort as he just tends to mumble mystical mumbo jumbo and often a conversion with him usually has a habit of making your brain squeak. 

Gilnort is a figure by Ramshackle Games.

Gilbert B’sturd: 
Gilbert is the Mayor’s son. As a green rookie Gilbert feels the need to prove himself. He is the only near full time member of the town milita. Often he is seen hanging around the gate “protecting” it. When not playing soldier Gilbert has a eye for the ladies having many on the go at once. 

The figure is be Reaper, I think. It was a eBay find so I am not 100% sure.

Graalk drifted in from the wastelands clutching what appears to be a church chalice. The item appear to be gold but no one can get near chalice as the Trog gets violent. He fills it with fungus beer and drinks from it. From Graalk’s drunken mumbling he thinks that this cup he calls a Grail, will make him immortal. The locals don’t mind as long as the Trog isn’t making trouble. B’sturd thinks this item may be something that King Arty and his Skrap Knights (located hundreds of miles south of Rubbleborg) may have been looking for.  

Graalk is a limited edition Ramshackle figure. The cup was a sports prize but when trying to file out the cup handles they came off. The curse of resin figures. 


Kavouros is a heavily mutated man. His skin has developed into a hard carapace shell and he grew pincers. The mutant is psychotic and will attack anyone he sees. Luckily for him his shell absorbs bullets easily. Kavouros roams the Wastes from place to place aimlessly until he finds something to attack. Kavouros’ appearance tends to cause fear in those who see him. 

Kavouros is a Ramshackle games mutant figure.

Last up a group shot. 

And a shot of the gate model that I have been recently reworking. 

So the totals are: 

12 finished...another 88 to go. 

Thanks for looking.

Stay safe out there and avoid Kavouros if you seen him! 

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