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Post apocalyptic vehicles.

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And now for the Xmas eve eve blog post...

Now for some 28mm vehicles. The wastelands are home to all manner of vehicles. Many are cobbled junk heaps together barely recognisable from the vehicle it started out as. Here or there the old vehicle makes it out of the production units of Utopia or Britannia cities. Some vehicles where built near the end but stayed locked away unused in a bunker only see the light of day decades later. Others where built from bits of many other vehicles and wrecks. These are products of the builders twisted imagination and ability to adapt anything to their purpose. Often they mix utility with the bizarre.

This is Mayor Bustrd’s favourite ride. To blow off steam he races it around the wastelands around Rubbleborg. It is his pride and joy. I may have this as a game objective. Steal the car. The car is a Gigapig resin model from Antenocitis workshop. It is a super detailed model.

There are a number of vehicles in Rubbleborg, many of which are built in it’s workshops from the many items the scavengers and salvage teams. 

Many vehicles are armoured up trucks which the locals use to haul loot from various locations in the wastelands. The trucks are handy for moving trade items from place to place. This is a Badger by Ramshackle Games. I have been wanting one since Ramshackle first started casting models. Now it’s mine....all mine...ha ha hhhaaaa. 

The  Badger has a skull hood Ornament that I sculpted from putty. 

There are a few smaller vehicles used as escorts or for scouting. This is a Ram Stoat by Ramshackle Games. 

Everyone has heard of the legend of Max, the Road Warrior (also known as the man with no name, the raggity man and blood bag amoung other names) and his mighty ride, the Interceptor. This car is a 1/43 scale model by Autoart. I dirtied it up with some dry brushing. I did try to copy the movie car but the dirt on it was too heavy to look realistic on a car of this size.

Bandits use various vehicles and this car is a typical bandit ride. 

The car is the chase car from the opening scene of Mad Max 2 the Roadwarrior. This car is a 1/43 scale model by Autoart. I dirtied it up with some dry brushing. I got them both as a set. Luckily I managed to get them for the prices they where before Fury Road came out. Auto Art also made some dirty cars but they are even more expensive and look like they have been in a mud wumping competition rather than racing across the wastelands. The dirt is painted on too heavily for my tastes.

I will be including the vehicles in my paint totals...

Figures painted: 27....73 short.

Thanks for looking, take care out there.

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