Saturday, 9 February 2019

Wasteland Wondering

Hello and welcome back to my blog. 

So what’s happening wasteland dudes? 

Hobby time has been limited for me over the last few weeks, I have a handful of Ramshackle figures to show you when I get my act together and get the pictures sorted.

My time recently has been eaten by prolonged commutes due to wintery road conditions. The extra time on the roads has left me too tired to pick up the brushes. Then there my cat Dixie who seems to wake up every time I pick up a brush and comes to “help”. This usually leads to my abandoning painting. 

I have gotten some reading in. The Forager by Peter R Stone is a PA novel set in Australia and has a good mix of action, tension and ideas for the table. One of the many issues some of us have with our PA settings is how to introduce a foreign faction. The author manages to work around this by having a Japanese fishing fleet unable to return home after the nukes, setting up a settlement in Australia. It is an idea I will keep in mind for future setting fluff.

Recently I have discovered Metro 2034 and 2035 novels are on kindle and translated into English so they are now on the reading list. I am a huge fan of Metro 2033 so I hope they will inspire my madness.

I have been working on some background ideas which I hope to add to Mattblackgod’s world. One is a way to allow the high tech Brittannian’s more wasteland contact and to stir up tensions with the factions around Rubbleborg and beyond. I am still working on the fluff but it will also allow for salvage runs into a Metro 2033 like ruined mega city which is filled with mutated beasts and other terrors. 

The issue with the High tech city is they have firepower and equipment which leaves the local area somewhat unbalanced. Thankfully the Brittannian numbers are limited. But to mix stuff up I am working up a Brotherhood of Steel like faction who will have the kit to go head to head with the high tech dystopians. 

I have painted figures in my collection to cover most of these changes so hopefully that will keep the paint queue from getting too clogged up. I want to add more beasts to the collection especially like those found in the Metro 2033 novel and games. Giant slugs, amoebas and bio mass like things. Plus what ever catches my eye in the figure ranges across the world. 

Painting wise I am still working on Rubbleborg, Trashford and bounty hunter additions - when the cat allows. Plus work has started on reworking the first ruin that I ever built - hotel Paradiso. The white dry brushes are on and next up will be the washes. I will be going for that ageing ruin look. 

Hopefully there will be pictures soon.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and take care out there.

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  1. Are you familiar with Palladiums 'After the Bomb' stuff? The high tech human outpost very much feels like a bad vietnam experience for the humans. They use their mutant domesticated dogs as unreliable troops stiffened with humans in power armour and helicopters/bomber jets. Overwhelming when present, but definitely drops in a sea of mutants.