Saturday, 9 February 2019

Ruston’s crew and more

Hello and welcome back to my blog Wanderer.

Time for some figure updates.

Introducing Stitch.

Stitch is the medic for the Warriors gang from the township of Piean. The figure is a old GW Necromunda Orlock, which is in keeping with the theme of the gang. Stitch has had a gas mask container added as a medical pack. 

Moving West from Piean. 10 miles North West across the sands from Rubbleborg lies a strange tower. They say it was once standing in the sea. That has to be a lie, how did the old ones build it under the sea? Not only that but the sea is miles and miles beyond the tower. 

Mayor Bustard knows what the tower is or was. It was some sort of natural gas platform. So he convinced a team to go out and try to get the platform operational again. It would be good source of energy for Rubbleborg. 

Ruston and his crew have shipped out and are sorting the platform out. 

The figures are Dwarves by Ramshackle Games. 

Ruston is the crew’s leader. Not much is known about this strange exo armoured Warrior, except he has a short temper and is a great engineer. The figure is a Dwarf Techno Jarl by Ramshackle Games.

Mech Turnkey is the crew’s mech and fix it man. The lone survivor from when his settlement was massacred by raiders he wandered alone and eventually joined the crew. The figure is from Minimus Squat and his crew by Ramshackle Games. 

Wreckersen is the team’s muscle. If there is something that needs killing Wreckersen is the Dwarf to do it. The figure is from Minimus Squat and his crew by Ramshackle Games. 

Trader Rod Mc Feets is one of Rubbleborg’s many traders. You have to be careful as he will rip you off. The figure is from Minimus Squat by Ramshackle Games. 

The 2019 hobby totals so far: 

Figures painted: 8
Terrain finished: 1
Terrain reworked: 0
Vehicles finished: 1

Running slow on the painting front thanks to my furry friends. There is more Rubbleborg and Trashford figures to come.

Thanks for reading, take care out there.


  1. They are all fine additions to wander the wasteland.

  2. Nice work on the Ramshackle dwarves. I wish Curtis would make more scifi dwarves. I've bought them all and need more.

  3. Good job! I like the Orlock ganger best.

  4. Stich is such a great looking character.