Friday, 21 June 2019

The Styx Brothers

Hello and welcome back. 

Look out lads, the Styx Brothers are in town!  

The Styx Brothers are Strontium Dogs bounty hunters who seem to excel at the job. They have fallen foul of fellow Strontium Dog Johnny Alpha as they play dirty and steal bounties usually after the hard work has been done. They don’t think twice about shooting another Strontie in the back to steal a bounty. This has lead to a feud between the bounty hunters. 

The Styx Brothers have a unusual mutation in that they all look and sound identical. So pinning down a wrong doing by them is near impossible. There also seems to be an inexhaustible supply of Styx Brothers. The Styx Brothers come from the township of Styx which lies about a days march North of the Iron Tower Ruins. Few people have visited the remote township but those who have report that everyone there looks identical. No women have been seen there leading to speculation that the town houses a ancient cloning device. 

The Styx Brothers are from Foundry 2000AD line (the dynamically posed one who is slightly bulkier) and Strontium Dog: The Stix Brothers by Warlord Games. 

The figures painted up quickly and would have a variety of wasteland uses as bounty hunters, law men or some warlord’s henchmen. 

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there. 

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  1. Great looking gang and a colour scheme you don't see every day!