Saturday, 17 October 2020

Fresh 15mm meat for the wastelands

Hello and welcome back. 

I have managed to get some 15mm figures painted for my Sci Fi Post Apoc setting (although they would work for Sci Fi too). I would have posted these last week but some of the photos were all blurry.  It took me all week to get new pictures.

Dwayne O Jones

Dwayne O Jones is a rookie character for the Guardians. They recruited him in their recent visit to the town of Oasis. I planned a 5 Clicks from the zone campaign and during the base phase the team got a new recruit to add to their mission. The figure is from the Ion Age Range by Alternative Armies.

This is an armoured character from the Ion Age range. I intend this figure to be used later on during the planned Guardians 5 Clicks from the zone campaign. No name ideas for her yet. 


Zoomie is just another wasteland character. I am not sure how this figure will be used yet. She is a Santa’s elf from Alternative Armies Seasonal Range.

The mechanic 

Every township or space port needs a mechanic to carry out essential repairs. He is an asteroid miner from the shm & Star Viking range by alternative armies. 


Q3C3 is a droid that can be found wandering the wastelands or hanging about star ports making annoying beeping noises. These droids are often used by miscreants for target practice. I am not sure what line the figure is from. It came to me in a big box of 15mm figures donated by a friend. It is a GZG figure I suspect.

The Wyrd Sisters. 

The Wyrd sisters live out in the Styx and come into town when they need supplies. It is rumoured that they are witches. No one has ever approached them about these rumours. Not because they fear witch craft but because these ladies carry plasma brooms (essentially plasma rifles with bristles glued to the stock) which they are quick to use. I had two of these figures in the pile however as witches covens are supposed to come in threes, I think I will have to get another figure. Maybe a scenario with these ladies hunting their lost sister could be played? 

The Crusher

The Crusher is a fearsome mutant found in the wastelands, often in old tunnels. At night they emerge to terrorise settlements. Standing over 4 meters high these monsters cause much damage and are not easy to kill. 

Sadly there was no suitable 15mm figure for this monster. This crusher was a 28mm fantasy Orc. I added some 15mm skulls to it so it scales better with my 15mm figures. Every nasty critter needs a necklace made from human skulls.

Fantasy dudes

This is a couple of fantasy figures painted by my friend Xander. The scale doesn’t work for him so he gifted them to me. A quick rebase and they are done. No idea of the figure line. They remind me of a certain film. 

Thanks for looking. 

Take Care out there. 


  1. They all are nice! A classy group of adventurers, I like them! The same about those not-Conan and not-Subotai, they certainly look great! :)

  2. The last 2 figured are from Croms Anvil.