Saturday, 25 September 2021

Punk Apocalyptic

Hello and welcome back. 

This week the Punkapocalyptic KS landed whetting my Post apocalyptic appetite again.

The KS came with a rule book (in English at last!) and a book of additional rules (also in English).  The resin figures each have multiple weapon options and 3 or 4 heads. This gives lots of options and plenty of conversion fodder. I am looking forward to getting them assembled and painted. 

I had a quick flick through the rule books. The main rules are designed  for small numbers of figures from 3 up to about 18 per side. They are miniature agnostic rules for 28 to 32mm figures, although the publisher Bad Roll Games, would like you to have some Punk Apoc figures. Both books have a wealth of background, stories, beasts and faction lists for the Punk Apocalyptic world. There is some nice eye candy pictures too. Characters have quite amusing spoof names. One word of warning is that some of the language in the books is colourful and not very politically correct. Hey it’s after the end of the world, what did you expect? High tea and Queen’s English? 

Most of the action takes place around the area of Scrapbridge in what was the USA. The background fully covers the area in detail and there is a detailed world view. With the closed off high tech cities you get the feeling some Judge Dredd style figures would fit these cities well. There is no reason that you couldn’t use the rules for what ever part of the world you fancy your wastelands to be. Or if you are a 2000AD fan, a bit of Cursed Earth action.

This is a D10 roll set. Activation works off the figures attribute score. Highest figure on the table goes first, with highest dice rolls for same number until all figures have activated.

Shooting and close combat are the usual number with modifiers vs dice roll. Close combat is figure vs figure rolls. Then a wound roll which is toughness with modifiers and weapon penetration. 

There is no rules for moral, that I have noticed. Rare weapons are limited to 3 of a type of firearm per team (ie 3 pistols, 3 shotguns etc). You have to buy ammo for weapons and use it sparingly. You have to say how your warband is equipped but not how much ammo you bought which keeps the other side guessing. There is also rules for special ammo. There are also mutations and psychic rules too.

Both books have lots and lots scenarios and campaign rules. I need to dig further into this. There are rules for toxic and radioactive areas. Not forgetting the wandering beasts rules.

The optional and extra rules have beasts, campaign, solo rules, stories, new characters and a new faction. 

I will have to give the rules a whirl sometime. When I get a couple of spare hours. The ammo rules gives a real PA feel. Reminds me of the Mad Max video game where you have to use ammo sparingly and make the shots count. 

The Punk Apoc gangs and lines fit with other PA figure manufacturers such as MEP miniatures, Ramshackle, Lead Adventure and Copplestone. 

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you in Scrapbridge one day. 

Take care out there.


  1. Well, I had quite some games of Punkapocalyptic back in the day when it was first released, and I have to say it's really good for it's purpose (i.e., gang skirmishes with lots of strong narrative element). My only criticism is about the way they approach the setting/background/fluff/whatever. I find it too... 'colourful' to my taste.
    However, as you point out, it's a magnificent ruleset for any kind of Mad Max oriented games or anything in that direction. What you say about ammo rules is true, that's pure genius.
    I hope you enjoy the game, I'd love to know your thoughts about it. In fact this reminds me I still have the Black Blood Children band from a previous KS waiting to be painted! Oh, my!

  2. Sounds fun. I've always admired their figures they are such lovely looking sculpts!