Saturday, 4 September 2021

Fort Hardknox pt 2

 Hello and welcome back.

My hobby time over the last couple of weeks has been spent working my way through the fort Hardknox KS set by Fogou models. When the Kickstarter was active I went for the all in offer and got a lot of resin goodness. My progress so far. 

Note: the crates aren’t part of the set. 

The spigot holes on the gate house needed filling and I made a couple of plates to cover them. It was only long after I had painted them that I noticed the set came with a few resin plate panels. Doh! Still I expect they will be put to good use somewhere. 

There is still the fire steps and additional goodies to finish. Apologies for the mess around the fort, my games table seems to have become a temporary dumping ground. 

One nice discovery is that the resin can be painted without needing priming (I had missed a  few bits). 

This set has been hanging over my head since it arrived a couple of years back because of the sheer amount of stuff to paint. I have broken the back of it and I am looking forward to getting this set finished.

The destroyed wall pieces .

Looking at the set makes me want to break out my not Mad Max and not Warboys figures to recreate the fights from the Mad Max video game. 

Thanks for looking and keep a eye open for the next part of Fort Hardknox 

Take care out there. 


  1. amazing building! i noticed th U wing too,imo one of the best star wars spceships ever! ew

  2. Christ that's a lot of scenery, and your painting's made it look superb. Love the Mad Max-inspired grafitti!

  3. That's fantastic, looks like the perfect post-apoc setting. I love it, great work!