Saturday, 2 October 2021

Starport scum 2 - meet Splutinsen

Hello and welcome back, 

Time for another (not so) exciting instalment of Spaceport Scum. 

This here is Splutinsen, a clandestine contact for information and you know spy stuff. No one actually knows what he looks like as he is always wearing a space suit with a tinted visor leading to speculation that he might actually be an alien. This is reenforced by his odd look and shape.

All attempts to capture him has proven futile and he has never been cornered. Strangely he just seems to appear usually startling his contact.

Splutinsen is actually an polymorphic alien usually in the form of a green blob in his natural state (assuming of course a polymorphic alien blob has a sex). He can mimic any shape or fit through any hole at will. He is never armed because he can become any weapon at need. Splutinsen was in a heated space battle and his ship was hit sending out of control. The ship spun into a white hole and ended up in another Galaxy. It is possible that it may even be a different universe.

Lost and unable to return home Splutinsen discovered GELF space and eventually humanity. He keeps this shape as both human and GELF seem to like it. Splutinsen wanders the worlds taking spy information jobs (as humans have a need for a weird thing called money) looking for another worm hole in the hope he can return home. 

Splutinsen is a star link figure that came with on of their starships. I gave it a couple of washes and a quick touch up before mounting him on a base. I will use him as a contact in my 5 parsecs games. 

Thanks for looking. Stay safe out there.