Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Warriors of the Wild Galaxy - Deljiebelli Security Force

Hello and welcome back, 

Time for another instalment of Warriors of the Wild Galaxy, this time the Deljiebelli Security Force.

Governor Inndaloo of the frontier world of Deljiebelli decided it was time for a security force to keep the peace in the various colonies on the world. Deljibelli couldn’t rely just on the Corporate or the security of various sites or colonies because they tend not to get involved in conflicts if the world has no security force.

The Galaxy is a dangerous place with GELF or pirates raids becoming more frequent so the needed for a defence force was felt to be prudent. It maybe useful in the unlikely event that Deljiebelli goes to war with its rival world Immodium. 

The Deljibelli Security Force (DSF) while acting as a military force also acts a police force patrolling the streets of the capital city Urg Deljibelli and around the world’s space port. It is quite common to see them standing watching bar brawls enjoying the entertainment then clearing up the aftermath, hanging around the city gates or spaceport attempting to look menacing and engaged in fire fights with smugglers or armed robbers.

The DSF do have access to some heavy weaponry as you never quite know what trouble you will run into across the world. 

General Kashnkarri leads the DSF and is always moaning to the Deljibelli council that the world’s force needs more equipment. Tanks, speeders, grav cars, power armour the list goes on and on. It is usually justified in some ludicrous excuse such as “you will be sorry when GELFs are using you to slake their lusts”. Old Kashnkarri is regarded as a source of entertainment to many in the civilised parts of Deljibelli.

Kashnkarri did manage to get a few fourth or possibly fifth hand armoured grav cars. They are ideal for crossing the sands of Deljibelli. Although flying over the top of a dune at high speed can cause damage to the grav repulsion drives under the vehicle. The cars usually patrol the main transport routes across the world. Armed with a laser cannon and machine gun the AGC can deal with most problems they are sent to attend to. The Grav car is a trash bashed computer mouse. 

Back in the days of the Terra Empire before the Earth exploded there was a empire wide craze of reacting old Earth Wars with real interest in the wars of the 20th to 22nd centuries. Digi printer files were available freely for most uniforms, weapons and war machines used in those conflicts. After the collapse of the Terra Empire these files found their way to the frontier worlds. The files were quickly adapted with updated plasma or hydrogen engines, better materials, sensor packages and updated weapons. 

This vehicle was printed from such a file. This tank was popular back on earth because in addition to the decent protection it also allowed up-to 6 infantry to be transported. Unlike the 20th & 21st century this vehicle was equipped with a 27th century plasma cannon. Kashnkarri managed to get resources to print a handful of these AFVs. They are usually parked around the space port as the plasma cannons are great for defence against invading pirates, GELFs or whatever fictional galactic menace Kashnkarri has invented this week.  The tank is a 1/48 scale Academy Mekriva. 

As Delijibelli is a arid world I felt that my old GW 40K Tallarns would fit the bill for the DSF. There are a few modified figures. The meltagun figures had 1/35 WW2 land mines added to give a Lewis Gun look.  

Thanks for looking. Take care out there. 


  1. Always love the story telling aspect of your posts, and such great use of classic models and superbly upgraded trash-builds.

  2. Lovely, enormously lovely. Tallarn is one of those armies I always have wanted to collect but never dared to. Fantastic minis (cool mouse tanks!) and great background!