Sunday, 27 January 2013

Frozen Wastelands pt 5

Here are the latest bits of terrain for my Frozen Wastelands (I told you I had been busy! lol). 

Those Scavengers are in for a nasty shock!!!

This is just a lump of Floral foam I had laying about on a CD (dont throw anything out!). The ice is water effects resin.

I also made a Post Box as I plan a modern Frozen Britain setting. The factions for this will be used for the Frozen wastes. I picked the post box as it was spare. My 80's British Post Apoc isn't going to have more than one post box on a board as these things are scattered every few blocks. 

A closer shot of the ice.

I should make some dedicated boards for this setting. Do I go all Arctic (all white) or mix it up with brown patches Tundra style?? 

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