Saturday, 16 March 2013

Designing my Mega City

I have been getting inspired by 2000AD's Mega City One. I like the whole futuristic city thing (with a mix for serious, amusing and pulp like storylines) with a post Apocalypitc world beyond the walls.

The setting already mixes much of my mini collection. It be good to get a chance for many of my gangs a chance to clash. Mighty Flip's background on the Post Apoc wargames forum is pretty similar to what I have in mind, mixing in elements of inspiration from 2000AD, Borderlands and Fallout.

Long ago I drafted out a mega city but here is my dilemmas.

Do I make it on MBW as a new entity? The problems with that is the history not to mention the orbital nuke stations. The MC would have issues with the SOS bunkers and the Nuke Stations would have hit the city hard during the second Nuke bombardment that wiped out the Bunker Cities. Would the Nuke missile screen still work? If such a city survived wouldn't it keep transmitting a SOS to the galaxy to highlight the atrocities that happened and to get aid?

I could grow Liberty city but it would have take in lots of Wastelanders and then grow exponentially for 300 years to reach MC1 size. By then much of the wastes, ruins and salvage will be gone. The toxicity levels will have dropped and the world would be healing.

Another idea would be to slip it into my Wild Galaxy setting as a war torn over populated world possibly a transport hub for the Edge systems. This would allow me to add embassies from various space nations and a Space Port. Such a worlds wastelands would also be a great place for Space Pirates to hide out.

I could do a modified MC1 on Earth or maybe copy some of Flip's setting ideas so it's after world war 4.

The most work would be to re-write MBG world as a setting around a surviving Mega City.

Ideas and thoughts on these ideas would be appreciated. I also hope Flip doesn't mind me using his setting as inspiration.

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