Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The funk!

There has been a bit of mad few weeks here at Matblackgod towers. The deaths of two of my cats, work, car troubles and other real life stuff have kept me busy. On top of this I lost my creative mojo. A total lack of enthusiasm or creative urge. I few bits got done but very slowly. 

Now I am back. So whats the plan? 

Years ago I started a Megacity style concept inspired by 2000AD/Judge Dredd. I intend to pursue this and develop the background. I have enough minis for future battles in a city such as MC1. So my first port of call will be to knock together some buildings to play around. It will be a change to the rusty crumbling stuff I make for post apoc. Luckily I started a Sci-Fi town a couple of years back so I have been working on those as a starting point. 

On top of this I am inspired by the new Scavenge Survive Skirmish rules and minis. I may try to make a few minis up for that and when the cash flow gods donate some funds pick some minis up. 

WIP and some catch up posts will follow.....

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