Sunday, 26 May 2013

Not much some thoughts!

I am finding myself a little lethargic at the moment when it comes to painting minis. I suspect  it is because I want to build a city scape. Its been a dream of mine for the last few years. The Utopia City project is getting me fired up to make one. I have quite a few bits of terrain but you can never have enough for a urban game. 

Speaking of Utopia City I would like to build some transports for the Mags. I am currently hunting about for suitable conversion items for a Mega City One Sky Bus too. 

One strange thing that crossed my mind this week was to get a copy of the latest WH 40K rules so that I have at least the chance of a game locally. You can get copies off evilbay far cheaper than GW. Don't worry I got over it. 

In my mini collection I still have my old 40K RT era Orks. The thought struck me that the 50 or so minis could see action in Gorkamorka. All I need is vehicles. I may add it to Mattblackgod’s world. Dump them on a island some place. Maybe call it Trogamorka or Apocotrog! lol. After hunting about I spotted the Mantic Orx vehicles. They have some nice vehicles that are useful for post apoc. I am thinking of getting some for this project and maybe use an alternative human gunner and hot swap them with the Orx. If I go this route I will buy a loose sprue or two of the Mantic Orx just to compare the sizes with the older 40K RT Orks. 

Me being me I am also thinking of creating my own Ork Tribe for the game. I need to think up a name possibly relating to myself. 

My weekly madness did not stop there. For a long time I have fancied building a Sci-Fi armored column. In my bitz pile there is a couple of 1/35 RC tanks that a friend got me. The look like the Russian WW2 KW2 and have a nice amount of detail on them. These may be a good start. The 40K IG/Cadians would supply the figures and lots of conversions would make up the column. I am considering using Mantic Corporation figures as they are cheap. But I suspect I would have to go for more of a serious Sci-Fi look with grav vehicle conversions. 

Then the insane thought process moved on to a similar column for my Trogs/Orks. 

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  1. Gorkamorka is great, and of course it would fit perfectly into your setting. Go for it!