Sunday, 8 December 2013

Republic of Mad Dan Vs Great Lakes Background.

*T-Graph Transmission from Outpost 45 to Great Lakes City Command*
++ Scouts have returned from the mountains to the North. They have finally found a pass through the mountains. Initial recon shows evidence of winter survival shelters. Please advise++
*T-Graph Transmission from Great Lakes City Command to Outpost 45*
++Permission granted to scout out the pass and the report inital findings of lands on the other side of the mountains. This is a priority order++

2 weeks later....

*T-Graph Transmission from Outpost 45 to Great Lakes City Command*
++ Scouts have returned. It has taken three days to traverse the pass. The pass is hard going and will be difficult on anything but foot. There is evidence of Survival shelters all along the pass. Possibly used by local hunters. No sightings or recent evidence of Human population. Lots of interesting animals in the mountains which could be exploited for game hunting. There appears to be desolate wastelands beyond the mountains. Old vehicle tracks have been found so there is possible Human occupation. In the three days in the Wastelands no Human contact has been made. There are many dangerous beasts in these lands. On returning through the pass the Scouts have reported that there will be difficulties in fitting a T-Graph route through the mountains. End of Report++
*T-Graph Transmission from Great Lakes City Command to Outpost 45*
++Convoy will be dispatched to Outpost 45. Convoy ETA with Outpost 45 - 3 weeks. Outpost 45 will provide the Scouts to cross the Mountains. The mission is to settle the new lands before the winter hits.++
*T-Graph Transmission from Outpost 45 to Great Lakes City Command*
++Commander Ponga of Outpost 45 advises that the expedition into the new lands be delayed until the following spring. It is too late in the year and the passes will be closed soon. The new outpost will be isolated until spring++
*T-Graph Transmission from Great Lakes City Command to Outpost 45*
+Negative. The expedition is to go ahead. The new outpost will have to endure until the Spring. Adequate provisions will be supplied+

3 Weeks Later...

*T-Graph Transmission from Outpost 45 to Great Lakes City Command*
++The expedition convoy has arrived safely at Outpost 45. They will be traversing the mountains in the morning.++

1 week later

*T-Graph Transmission from Outpost 45 to Great Lakes City Command*
++Some of the Scouts have returned, the others have remained with the Expedition. The Scouts have reported that the Expedition has arrived at a suitable site and construction of Outpost 112 has begun. Lt Meers has command. The Scouts report some attacks by wild mutant beasts but nothing that couldn't be dealt with.++

2 Weeks later....

*T-Graph Transmission from Outpost 45 to Great Lakes City Command*
++Laying of the T-Graph cables has been delayed as winter has hit the mountains. The pass cannot be traversed. 2 engineers where lost in the blizzard conditions. They are assumed to be dead. Outpost 112 is completely cut off. We wish them good luck++
Lt Meers Log - Outpost 112
The Scouts have returned the pass is closed. We are isolated from Great Lakes City. Here, alone in these Wastes. Our supplies should last if we are careful. There is plenty of (hostile) wildlife here. We can add to our provisions by hunting. We have scouted locally and found some resources. There is some evidence of humans here but there has still been no contact.

1 week later.

Lt Meers Log - Outpost 112
The temperature is dropping here. It is getting colder by the day. Several of our long range scouts have not yet returned. The other scouts have reported several large beasts hunting them. It is possible that they have fell. We are sending patrols out to try to find them.

3 days later.

Lt Meers Log - Outpost 112
Several of the missing scout's remains have been found. It looks like something has eaten them. I have put the men on full alert in case this beast comes here. Hopefully our defences and numbers will keep the beast at bay.
2 days later
Lt Meers Log - Outpost 112
The last scout has returned. He was delirious with dehydration. He claims that he saw a smoke column far to the north but couldn't get close. A pack of wild dogs attacked him and he was forced to return. We will be sending a emissary with some provisions and armed guards to try to make contact. It may just be a hunters settlement. In our isolation I hope that these people will be friendly. Hostile locals will make our mission a lot more difficult.

1 Week Later - The Mound - The Warlord's Shack....

"Boss, there is a man at the gate with a couple of guards!" Dragon exclaimed.
Warlord Mad Dan looked up. "Tell him we have one!" Dragon grinned.
"He claims he is here as a ally. He is from some place called Great Lakes. He wants to be friends. Tinker has a bead on him"
"Never heard of it. Bring him into the main hall. Tell the boys to be ready in case his friends decide to get playful." Mad Dan ordered and then returned to shaving his head with a combat knife.
Later that day - The Main Hall - The Mound...
Warlord Mad Dan settled into a old armchair fitted to the roof of a truck cab that made up the far wall. He looked at the man standing before him. He appeared calm despite the Warlord's warriors lining the walls.
"Well?" the Warlord growled. He was feeling hospitable today.
"I am here as emissary of the City of Great Lakes. I came from our new Outpost on the edge of your lands. We seek to trade and be friends."
"City? As in civilisation?" the Warlord asked.
"Oh yes. Civilisation. We have come back from the ashes. The have industry, bankers, politicians and more. The very sign of civilisation. We sir will bring you with us"
"Bankers? Politicians?" The Warlord Growled. "My Granpappy told me that Bankers and Politicians where the cause of the fall. It angered the Matt Black God and he rained death upon the ancients!"
"Nonsense sir!" Seeing he was losing him the emissary reached into his pouch. Several warriors reached for their weapons. The Emissary passed a tin to the Warlord.
"What is it?" he asked suspiciously.
"Why its Spam sir!" the Emissary exclaimed with pride his chest inflating.  
"Spam? SPAM?" the Warlord roared. He nodded to a figure in the shadows. Dragon stepped into the light and a blade flashed cleaving the Emissaries' head from his shoulders. The Emissaries' body dropped to the floor. Quickly the guards where overpowered and disarmed.
"I hate bloody spammers!" the Warlord growled to the amusement of the assembled warriors. "Some one get rid of that!" he ordered pointing at the body.
"Rych,come here. Return that head to this Outpost. Deliver it with a message from me!" Rych picked the head up and stared into its eyes.
"Cor he has real beady eyes don't he boss?" he laughed carrying it out of the hall by the hair.
"Tinker - get them prisoners to work. We need to have new Outhouses built seeing as Harvey blew them up! If you prisoners work hard you will be released one day. Annoy me and you will be dancing in the mutant pits. They don't get to eat often"
"Harvey - go find some vicious Rad Roaches...we need new ones seeing as you cooked them!"

1 Week Later...

Lt Meers Log - Outpost 112
A man arrived today asking to see the Boss. I guessed he was talking about me. The man looked wild and dressed in animal furs. Still at least he was warm. He delivered to me the head of our Emissary, poor Sully. The man claimed his name was Rych and his Boss (a Warlord Mad Dan) has a message. Great Lakes are to leave these lands or we are dead. I told the man of our predicament. He laughed and said "then you are dead". I tried to arrest this Rych character. He claims his Warlord has the two guards. If he doesn't return they are dead. I cannot allow this. I let Rych go telling him that I would like to parley with his Boss. He just cackled insanely.
With this new information I have put the Outpost on high alert. Double Guard and patrols. I wish we could get a message to Great Lakes, but the Scouts tell me that there is no way through the pass.

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