Tuesday, 3 December 2013

More background for the new wastelands.

Followers of this blog will know that I am making a new wastelands (see this post). I have gotten some good names from the guys over on the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum. I just need to sort them out and decide what names to use.  I have not yet had any ideas from the followers of this blog, please feel free to post any suggestions as there is still time.

Meanwhile here is a little more background for you all….

The terrain will have a mountain range across the middle of it. The troops, vaulties and wastelanders form a enclave which grows into a small town/city. I see this city begin built near a river or great lake. It is a common feature of many large towns and cities. A river or lake provides water, food and a method of transportation.

The faction grows and begins to expand, colonising the wastes. Explorers and traders go out in every direction. They city becomes rich. They build a series of outposts out in the wastes. These serve for enforcement and trade with the locals.

Soon the explorers discover the mountains to the north. They can't go any further in that direction. However a pass is discovered. The city faction is quick to send a expedition. They cross the pass and report a series of safe stone buildings along the pass. Each is equipped with wood, kindling and basic provisions. Obviously someone lives in these mountains. Most probably some sort of hunter.

Crossing into the plains beyond, they are shocked to see yet more wastelands. These are not as fertile as the city hoped. In fact they are worse than their own lands. There is some evidence of vehicles and people but the expedition has not encountered any. Quickly a outpost is built in these new lands, at the foot of the mountains. Outpost 112. It is stocked and Scouts go forth to find the locals or anything the city or Outpost can use. Meanwhile winter hits the lands and the pass is closed. The Outpost and its folk are cut off until spring arrives. Meanwhile some of the Scouts return reporting that they have found nothing of interest. However the Scouts that went north have not returned….

I hope the Scouts haven't brought any Spam for the Warlord as a gift!!


  1. You need to have some place called Coober Pedy in tribute to The Road Warrior and W40K Rogue Trader, if you haven't already.

    Sometimes, for funs, I like to conflate the names and/or descriptions of things that might become a landmark of the post-apocalypse in they same way that they get mutated in real life. An example, England's second city Birmingham was so called because it was the home of the Beormingas tribe so the post-apocalypse has a rolling plain known as Golcors (golf course).

    Also possibles: Bostop, Serfstaton, Old Clinick, Disenland and Woolmarket.

  2. Great names. Thanks for the ideas. :-)