Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The suggested names of for the new wastelands.

I have been running a ideas post over on the Post Apoc Wargames forum to get some interaction going and get some suggestions for the names of the main factions in this new wasteland. The new wastes are going to be inspired by the (sometimes strange) things discussed over on the Post Apoc Wargames forum over the years. It is a salute to a forum & some of the wonderful people I have met online there in the last few years of running the forum.

Here is a list of the suggested names we have come up with so far.

The Warlord’s settlement/fortress:
The Mound - By wiggles
The Oil Pan - by Tinker
New Hope - by Rych
Boneyard by Rych
The Fortress of Rust by Rych
Black God Forge Fortress by nasa911
The Smog Pits by TheMightyFlip
Doom by MBG
Dregsville by MBG
Fortress of Skulls by MBG
Fortress of Bones by MBG
New Anarchy by MBG

The Wastelands they inhabit
The Sump - By wiggles
The Sump Basin - By Tinker
Usanduk - By Rych
The Republic of Dan by Rych
No Go Zone by Rych
The Desert of Ashes by Slayer Dragonwing
The Devils Oasis by Rych
Heaven & Hell by Hollander
Insanity Sands by nasa911
The Forlorn Wastes by MBG
The Desolation by MBG
The Nowhere by MBG

The names of the city/civilisation:
The Resurgency - By wiggles
shittip - by Rych
Fear hole by Heavyfishcannon
Kingdom of Mercy by Rych
Land of the Callies by Rych
The New Wall by Rych
Insanity Sands freeman by nasa911
Great Lakes by MBG
Civilisation by MBG
Polis by MBG
The Western Alliance by MBG

Places in the Wastelands:
Moramarth’s Morass – a septic sump into which all the pollution and poisons drain. by Moramarth
Ol Greggs lair - A wasteland legend.
Paps of St Milla - a couple of low hills where mutants fear to tread - by the Warlord
Dirty Meg's Slag hole by heavyfishcannon
Dirty Meg’s brothel - by Tinker
Ross' Shed of Boobs - By Rych
Dawgie's Caverns by MBG
Baddawg Mountain by MBG
Hacienda Pudenda by Moramarth
Mr Cleans Bath House by Rych
The Dawg Howse - by Sykoholic
Rusty Hole by MBG

No idea of how to pick the names yet as there is some great ideas there. I may put it to a forum vote. Or just pick what feels right.


  1. Why pick, MATTBLACK World is a big place? Use the runner up names for secondary sites, and the one's ya like or are voted for as the primary.

  2. "Welcome, good sir, to the 'Pudenda Hacienda'. Where all your dreams come true."

    Love it.