Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Wasteocrates

I am slowly building my forces for the Republic of Dan ready to face the Forces of Great Lakes. A little of this weeks brush work is to do with this. The Warlord Figure got reworked, another got repaired and a new figure painted. 

The Warlord - Mad Dan was born in the Tunnels under the ruins of Matt Black City. Trapped by the contaminated Hell Zone above the survivors scratched a life out under the planet's once great capitol. Mad Dan worked as a Stalker bringing items from the contaminated ruins above.

One day he found a vehicle capable of crossing the ruined world and bit by bit got it running. Using fuel salvaged he managed to fill it up. With a stock pile of filters and rad medicine and other essentials Mad Dan ran the vehicle out of the Hell Zone. The only man so far to escape the heavily contaminated area. When the fuel ran out Mad Dan found a world where he could walk without his precocious NBC suit. He dumped the vehicle and wandered on foot.

For many years he wandered the Wastes of Mattblackgod's world looking for a place. One day he wandered across a mountain range and discovered the Wastelands. Fighting the mutant creatures here he fought his way to the Mound, a large natural plateau that would serve as a defensive position. Building some defenses he lit a signal  fire and some of his friends who where searching the mountains for salvage soon joined the Warlord. 

They soon went forth and spread the to other friends. With in a couple of years a new town had formed and a fortress built around it. The Mound they called it and the new wastelands were named "the Republic of Dan". The name they gave themselves was "Wasteocrates"

The Mound has many different gangs and factions. Whilst this can be a headache in keeping the peace it is also handy for keeping control. It is difficult to cross to the Mound through the Wastes of the Republic of Dan. Of course the Warlord's justice can be harsh and his word is final. There are a number of ways in which transgressors are dealt with from Outhouse Duty for a month, enforced slavery (in the case of owed goods/cheating) to throwing them into the mutant pit covered in BBQ sauce. It has been known that some Spam traders have been crucified on a old tree out in the Wastes...well that's if the Warlord's enforcers do not shoot them on sight. In the odd case the transgressor has been pushed into the lair of a terrible Wasteland mutant known as "Ol Gregg". 

 There are many mutant beasts and if you are not in vehicle you can get caught outside after dark. Not a good prospect. The Wasteocrates have several safe houses where groups can stay over night and not become a snack for something with tentacles for a face. 

One of the stranger members of the Warband is Sham. He is a trusted advisor of the Warlord. Sham knows much. He can heal and he knows the Wastelands like no other. It is rumored that he has PSI abilities but no one has dared ask. 

One of the Warlord's Enforcers is a guy known as Brummie. Little is known of this Wastelander. He came from deep within some ruins in the Brittannia Wastelands. Like many others he has wandered until he found The Mound. The place suited him and it was not long until his skills got him noticed by the Warlord. 

More Wasteocrates to follow - Stay Tuned!!

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  1. Sweet oh Warlord!

    Nice selection of miniature. I shall have to get one myself.