Sunday, 2 February 2014

Wasteland Wondering - Dreadball, Steam Suit & Vehicles

This week's Wasteland Wondering is a round up of the other figures and other odds & ends the I have been working on...

Dreadball minis is played in Utopia City which is on MBW...

First up - the Ref....

I have finished my first team. Introducing the Trogwana Skull Crushers...

I decided to paint them like my Orks in human skin tones rather than green. These are a Trogz team with mutie men. 

All I need now is for my wife to decide on what colors she wants the Corporation team in and we can get a game or two in (I suffer from the No-Paint No-Play syndrome!!)

Another thing finished is Doc Steel's Steam Driven Combat Suit. The Doc is a inventor and will be used as a mission objective. Both the Wasteocrates and Great Lakes will want to get hold of this man. 

The Steam Suit is a converted Androids Toy. 

There has been a little vehicle work going on too. I made up the below truck from a toy some years ago but the Harpoon gun had snapped off. I effected a repair with some super glue and blue tack. Shape the blue tack, push the fitting blade in, coat with Super Glue, leave to dry & paint. Easy job. 

The other is a very cheap toy car I started to repaint a long time ago. I finished it this week. It is painted in Mad Max MFP colors. It will be used as street cover in the Utopia City games. 

Thank you for reading. 

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  1. They all look great especially the truck and the car it has a bloody great MFP paintjob on that last one!