Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wasteland Wondering

Welcome once again to my weekly miniature and wargaming ponderings. 

Last weekend saw me get my appetite whetted for 15mm stuff with a quick game of 40K RT using my 15mm bits. I think I need to get a few more games of 15mm in. I may later in the year dedicate a month to painting up more figs, terrain and vehicle building. My 15mm terrain pile is somewhat lacking. 

This week has seem me getting to work on my Great Lakes first force - a group of 40K Tallarns. These guys will make up a tribe of honour enslaved warriors that are pressed into the service of the Great Lakes city state. 

Here is a WIP shot of the new tribe - the To-Rags. Apologies for the crappy mobile phone picture

There is more Great Lakes forces to follow as I have some Ramshackle Iron Guard figures that Curtis of Ramshackle game sent me for postage only. These will be more conventional forces for the city. There is a pile of Westwind WWW2 US heads in my spares bin which I will head swap with the Iron Guard figs which had Neo Reich heads. Whilst Post Apoc Nazis do make good bad guys that isn't the kind of look I am wanting. Besides I have been there and done that. 

In my collection I have a great number of plastic Combat Zone figures (by EM4 miniatures) which are sitting there doing nothing. Whilst these figures are not the worst they do have pretty poor looking weapons. Rather than letting them sit there unloved I took a handful and set to work. I put some metal heavy weapon and command set arms on them (supplied by EM4 miniatures). As I want to make more Stalkers and their body armour resembles that worn by veteran Stalkers in the computer games I did some head swaps too. Again apologies for the poor grainy WIP shot. 

These guys will offer some decent firepower at the various Stalker safe houses/bases in the wastes. You never know what horrible mutated monster will arrive wanting a snack. 

It is tempting to modify them all to make a new army (as I have mentioned I have loads of them). I am not too sure what yet but no doubt inspiration will hit some time in the future. 

If time permits later today I may get a Utopia City gang warfare game in using the Skank ruleset. Fingers crossed. 

Thank you for reading and until next time Take Care out there! Oh and don't eat glowing snow!! 


  1. Excellent work in progress. I'm wondering how well the WGF Survivors sprues could be used to convert up your EM4 troopers.

    1. Funny you should mention WGF survivors as I have some on the way. I had the same idea.

      I did try mixing some Warlord bits but they are far too small for CZ figs.

  2. Good looking troops. Great Lakes Power!

  3. a good use of those old Tallarn models.