Thursday, 14 August 2014

15mm Freetrader Crew (GZG)

Every sci fi game needs a not Firefly Freetrader crew for shenanigans and getting into to trouble with the law. I have the very nice Heresy Miniatures figures for 28mm. Naturally I wanted a Free Trader Crew for my 15mm stuff. Ground Zero Games makes a nice Not Firefly Crew & passengers in 15mm. I added a robot from as I feel that every ship needs a robot even if its just to kick or for target practice. 

The Crew: 

L-R: A pilot, 2IC, robot, Engineer (Back), Captain, Dogsbody and Mercenary Muscle. 

The Passengers:
 L-R: Cooky Girl who helps on missions (possible PSIer), The Doctor (Cooky Girl's Brother), A Hostess and a Preacher man. 

This is two sets and there is two of the Captain, 2IC and Muscle figures in various poses. I have added the guys to my 24th Browncoats Mercenaries. 

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