Sunday, 3 August 2014

Wasteland Wondering - 3 Aug 14

Pic from Across the Dead Earth game.

Welcome to once again to another Wasteland Wondering. There has been only a little hobby stuff happening here. Its been a busy week at home. A couple of family birthdays and a  family loss. I have only managed to part finish a 15mm building. Hopefully there will be some pictures here next week. I want to get some 15mm figures painted and then I will give it a break for a while. My paint brushes are dying to get some 28mm post apoc action. I have done a little more on my new post apoc setting.

Alice my 17 year old cat has had deteriorating health for some time. We had to make the difficult choice and have her put to sleep. She was a little deva and we have many happy memories of our life with her. Its strange to only have three cats now.

On to the post apoc thoughts. There seems to be a category  of faction missing from a lot of rule sets - The Wanderer. It seems that lots of post apoc movies and novels have wanderers. Mad Max, Steel Dawn, Deathlands but to name a few. They are a good way for the writers to explore the post apoc world. I am thinking of making some wanderers of my own. It would be a great campaign with them getting into all manner of trouble. 

Project Zeke Miniatures has joined the Post Apoc Wargames forum. Project Zeke has some nice figures and terrain. They are limited at the moment but I hope to see their ranges grow with time (and if you are reading this please make some survivors with SA80 assault rifles). 

I have been working on my new setting. So far I have two enclaves in Liverpool. One located around park lands. The other operating from a cargo ship washed inland by the Tsunami.

My old Babylon's Burning setting had the two sports stadium's in the city survive. A stadium is a great start up point for a faction. A big field to grow crops (not to mention the stand roofs), places to run operations and stands for pitching camps. I randomly generated a couple of factions. In the Reds stadium there was a Kop Shop Enclave based on the police force with a play on words for the Kop end of the stadium. In the Blues stadium was the Children Of Goodness Cult with ideas based on the Everton club. They fought over the park land that lies between. 

They have survived again. This time I am thinking about running gangs out of each of the stadiums. Each will be based on the teams mythos & colors. 

I think that Sports clubs  is a great resource to exploit to make gangs. They are often colorful, have their own colors, badges and legends. Rugby league clubs have good names too. 

For the other parts of the Post Apoc UK  I hope to bring the Skrap Knights out of retirement. Some of the more Sci Fi figures may have to be dropped. They will hold a few places in what was Cornwall acting like Dark Age Knights. New Albion has issues with the Skrap Knights.

Thats all for now folks...Thank you for reading.  


  1. Sorry for your loss dude 17 was a good age!

    A wanderers faction sounds good and you can have a massive choice depending on how you want to do there history or reasons for wandering.

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss.