Thursday, 14 August 2014

15mm Mercenary Herman Heavy Tank.

I have been working on a Mercenary Heavy Grav Tank for my 15mm stuff. The Herman Heavy Grav Tank an older (outdated) tank which houses a early plasma cannon. Older kit such as this often find itself in service in the outer rim colonies. 

A good old fashioned machine gun is fitted to the turret and another in the front hull for anti personnel use. 

This tank started life as a 1/72 Sherman Firelfy Tank kit sent to me by my mate Jay over on Twitter (@souljacker1974). As soon as I seen it I knew what I wanted to do, build a 15mm grav tank from it. 

The tracks and wheels where dumped and a new bottom was made from plastic card. The grav units are made from old disposable razor handles. The extra armor plates are plastic rhinestones. The plasma cannon is made from beads which I glued onto the trimmed gun from the kit. The bits box yielded a old rocket launcher from a ancient GW Dark Future Car. I still have my Dark Future set. One day I will give that game a spin again. 

The razor handles are hollow and they needed something to tidy them up. Larger Rhinestones did the job nicely. I have just spotted some filling that needs tiding. Grrrrr

I used a couple of clear bases under the grav units to give the tank a bit of a lift. 

In all this was a fun build and I learnt a lot. I will be making more in the future. 

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