Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Raised Shack finished.

I have finally finished my entry into the Building Up competition which is being run by a member of the Chicago Skirmish Wargamers over on the Post Apoc Wargames Forum

The deadline is the end of November. I didn't think I would finish it in time as real life has thrown a few spanners in the works which has taken priority. 

Any way on with the pictures of the finished competition entry. 

A recent addition is the ladder. I realized that the folks living here would need a way to get into the shack. This was made from a couple of lollipop sticks with matchsticks and scraps from the bits box.

You cannot see it because of the idiot standing in front of the sign but the resident has named their humble abode "The Luv Shak". 

The residents don't like mutants either. 

The roof is removable but I haven't gone for a fully detailed interior. It takes quite a bit of time and that has been a bit limited. 

The roof is scraps of corrugated card. A bit of a Cola sign has been cobbled into the roof structure. I painted it to look worn and corroded. It was only later when I looked at it I realized it says "Cok". It kind of fits with the Luv Shak motif I suppose. 

And there is it is. This project has been fun and allowed me to try a few new ideas and techniques.