Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Jaguars.

The Jaguars are another new gang to the region. They where drinking and raising mayhem in Boxfort's bars. Bossman rounded them up and had a "word" with their leader. Bossman realized that the gang was a biker gang before the end. They would be more mechanically savvy than the average survivor. 

Bossman pointed them to an old car factory on the opposite side of the city ruins. There is also the remains of an airport. The Jaguars would be paid to take up residence there. Boxfort would pay them for metal, parts and vehicles that the gang would produce. 

There is only one problem. The area is infested with ferals. The Bikers had been wandering for years and jumped at the chance to finally have a home and possibly a place to build machines. If successful Boxfort would get much needed parts and materials. Bossman also plans to the gang to protect Scouseland's southern edge, although both groups don't realize this yet. 

Crossing the city ruins is dangerous so the Boxfort ferry will carry the Jaguars up river to there new home. 

The figs are Kallistra, EM4 and Copplestone. 


  1. Nice job dude! Good looking gang and nice backstory.

  2. Damn, bikers without bikes :) The end of the world is near.

  3. Very nice. They really look the part.

    Those Copplestone sculpts are lovely.