Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Boxfort Specials & Meks

Here are the latest two gangs for Boxfort. 

A quick catch up. Boxfort is a Enclave in my Modern Post Apoc setting (After The End) based in the ruins of Liverpool of what was the UK. 

First up:The Specials. 

The Specials are Bossman's version of a Special Forces unit. Before the end they where all members of various Elite military units. They get sent to remove those who get in the Boxfort's way or in the Bossman's vision of rebuilding the world. 

The Specials are Empress SAS and a couple of converted Empress Downed Pilots. 

The Boxfort Meks. 

The Meks are the guys who keep Boxfort running. They see to the Enclave's mechanical, electrical and engineering needs. Like all Boxfort gangs the Meks also step up for defense of the Enclave. 

The figs L to R - EM4 (converted Biker), Copplestone, Copplestone, Hetzerdog (OOP), Hetzerdog (OOP) and EM4. 

The Meks where dug out of the figure collection. 

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  1. Great job dude! Nice range of figures used too.