Tuesday, 24 February 2015

15mm Vending machines

Vending machines are everywhere. The workplace, stations, airports etc. They also seem to crop up in many computer games such as Fallout and Borderlands. You can get plenty of vending machine models in 28mm many of which seem to mimic the machines found in the computer games. In 15mm there seems to be few models out there.  

I have found that HO scale items for model railways seem to work well. 

These I found cheaply (£2) on ebay. They are simple blocks of wood with vinyl printed stickers on. I am tempted  to go find some skins of the Borderlands vending machines and make some more suitable machines more suitable to a SF setting. 

Thanks for looking.


  1. Tommy gun has done some in paper including a soylent green one.

  2. Very nice they turned out good :)