Sunday, 22 February 2015

Outpost Raid - Gruntz Batrep

Rules: Gruntz

Outpost Skivo lies near the boards of the Badlands and Hullscape on the world of Wolfden. Scouts from the Mads Tribals and the Scrappers of Hullscape spot each other casing out the Outpost. As both groups have different objectives within the outpost they decide to join forces. 

Outpost Skivo. The base is defended by the Wolfden Security Forces. Both sides have a points value of 190. The Security Forces are low grade (trained) and mostly armed with pistols but they do have a couple of vehicles which pull their points up. The Mads and Scrappers are higher quality and are armed with rifles. The Mads have body armor too. 

 The first squad (armed with pistols) are on sentry duty. All the Wolfden Security Forces figures are GZG Colonial Militia.

The Scrappers deploy. The Scrappers figures are Post Apoc gangers

The Mads deploy. The Mads are armed tribes men. Both sides plan on using the available cover to sneak up on the Outpost. 

The command post receives satellite warning of forces amassing to the north of the Outpost. Lt McKilla sounds the alarm and rushes out of the command post. 

The second squad grab their rifles and assemble outside the barracks. The gravcar (bottom left) starts up. 

The Mads objective is the water plant. 

The Scrappers are after the Outpost's Power Node which they want for providing power to one of the old derelict space wrecks that they live in. 

The Mads move out along the flank. 

The Scrappers also move out along their flank. 

The Grav car moves forward, a little too enthusiastically nearly throwing the gunner out of the back. I must get that base fixed. 

The second squad moves out to protect the water plant as Lt Mc Kenna rushes to reinforce the squad manning the barricades.

The first squad go to Overwatch. 

The combatants maneuver towards their objectives. In the distance the Wolfden APC starts up. 

The Mads hide behind the shrubs as they hear the grav car approach. The car swings around the shrubs catching some of the tribals in the open. 

The Scrappers rush the barricade. Living in the toxic rotting starship hulls does things to your mind. 
The first squad open fires on the advancing Scrappers. Their pistols drop three of the gangers. 

The Mads open fire at the grav car causing some damage. The machine gun and autocannon of the grav car returns fire missing the Tribes men. 

Realizing that they cannot clear the barricade the Scrappers slow their advance and open fire hitting two of the Enforcers. 

The APC autocannon opens fire at the Scrappers missing the gangers.

Lt McKilla moves forward beyond the safety of the barricade. 

Cooly the Lieutenant levels her pistol and moves a Scrapper into the next world. 

Upon seeing the deaths of their comrades the Scappers yell "Run Away!! RUN AWAY!!" and flee the Outpost.

The Mads cause more damage to the Grav Car. The Car's gunners continue to miss the tribes men. The Grav Car's driver slams the car into reverse in an attempt to get out of rifle range. 

The APC moves up to support the battered Grav Car. It's Autocannon turns a tribal into mush. 

The APC rumbles through the Mads' line crashing into one of them. 

The tribes man did little to slow the progress of the armored vehicle. 

The Mads fire at both vehicles missing. The APC swings back around while the Gravcar approaches cautiously. The Grav Car's guns get hits (finally) but fail to cause injury. The Mads become suppressed. 

 As the Mads are distracted by the vehicles the second squad move up unnoticed.

 The Enforcer's weapons drop two of the Mads. 

The APC swings back around. 

The APC's weapon causes another hit but with no injuries. However the Mads have had enough and go into "Condition Brown" causing them to flee. 

The Grav Car follows up it's weapons cutting down another tribal. "Oh you can hit something now!" McKilla sneers into her communicator. 

The Second Squad also follow killing another fleeing tribes man. The remaining Mads make it off the field of battle. 


Gruntz plays really well and feels quite intuitive. I found the rules easy to learn and the rule book has flow charts to help the understanding of how the game mechanics work. I can see me using these rules again. 

I would split the teams to the sizes recommended in the rules. As I have 10 man squads (simply because that's the amount of figures I have), I will look to split them into a 6 man squad and a 4 man squad. The smaller squad will have higher stats. Or it will until I build the forces up more. 

The vehicle crews need to be higher quality too as they had trouble hitting anything.  Each of the gangs could do with a leader too. 


  1. I have to say that two vehicles against 20 grunts with no AT weapons were a bit much...ok, the vehicle crews' low stats did alleviate that a would be better next time with four 6 man squads (each with a heavy weapon attached) and two specialist teams with AT weaponry...pitted against two 6 man squads with light weapons and two vehicles...