Sunday, 15 February 2015

Wasteland Wondering - Feb 2015

Welcome to another Wasteland Wondering where I ramble on about what hobby stuff I have been working on or thinking about.

Frozen Wastes Boards WIP

This week I have been working on some snow boards for my Frozen Wastes of Mattblackgod's world. They hopefully can also be used for SSS games.

The Frozen Wastes boards started life as 12mm MDF board. They where given a couple of coats of white emulsion which was left over from a home decorating project. Last Christmas I grabbed a couple of cheap rolls of cotton wool snow mat when I was dragged decoration shopping. I glued it on with PVA and then gave it another coat of PVA to seal it. Some snow flock was sprinkled over the top while it was drying.

I thought that would have sorted it however the next day I noticed that the PVA has dried yellow in places. Nooooooo! Cue the yellow snow jokes. The next dry day I get the boards will be whizzed outside for a couple of coats of white emulsion.

The bottom cotton wool fabric was further attached with hot glue and duct tape. 

Space Wolves

I have been working on some 40K Space Wolves that I got for Christmas. Don’t worry I have not gone over to the 40K dark side. 

The Space Wolves are busy figures detail wise and I have got them 99% done. They need only the bases and the transfers applying. These minis will be used for the Frozen Wastes in a Fallout Brotherhood of Steel style faction. 

GW Mourn Mountain Snow has been applied to the bases. So far I am not impressed. The snow has dried a light blue grey instead of white. Ideal for really old snow and ice but not what I am looking for. I will give the bases a coat or two of white and maybe some snow flock. Pictures to follow next week.

15mm Stuff

This week has seen work on a 15mm Sherman tank which I have Sci Fi-d up with extra armour and a plasma gun. It will be joining my Browncoats Mercenaries faction. There is also a Matchbox Helicopter which has gotten SF treatment. They just need paint.

A Ion Age trader got painted too. The little guy just needs basing. Pictures to follow (I am such a tease aren’t I?). I seem to prefer paint 15s rather than 28s. Does that make me weird?

Hammer Slammers rules:

I got a quick test game of Hammers Slammers this week. They are easy to learn and pretty easy to play. I did find that they didn’t seem to have any ramming rules or pistol stats in there. But for large platoon or company battles they will work very well. The rule book lists most of the factions in the novels (to my knowledge). It has lots of eye candy if SF armor for those of you that like that kind of thing.

Fletcher’s Cove.

I have piles of Mantic Deadzone terrain I am working on. These will be mixed with platformer kits. The terrain will be useful for Undercity type games. Inspired by the Ferrograd boards I have seen in the Lead Pile Blog I hope to do something similar. 

I am going to create a pirate/freelancer base in my Wild Galaxy Setting. This base will be a large mined out asteroid out in the frontiers of Human Space and will be called Fletcher’s Cove. The asteroid was used by the mining company as a base and station until the loss of Earth. It lay derelict until pirates and other space trash moved in.

The name of the station is in honor of the author of some of my favorite Sci Fi novels Jonathan Fletcher. His books are littered with great inspiration. He is not only an author but top model maker too.

I have several 28mm gangs to use for this project. There will be Pirates, Space Scavengers, Space Bums, Smugglers and other trash.

That is all for now. Thanks for reading.


  1. Maybe the yellow snow was irradiated somehow.

  2. "Winter is coming".
    Yeah, Space Marines are good Brotherhood of Steel proxies.