Saturday, 11 April 2015

15mm Critters

I have planned for a while to start a 15mm beasty list of the critters found in my Wild Galaxy setting inspired by the lists of critters in my old 40K Rogue Trader rule book. 

First up.... The Furbear. 

The Furbear was first discovered in the forests of Mc Nulty III. It is a large six legged bear which appears docile, a bit goofy looking and somewhat cuddly. Many of these bears where soon traded across Human Space bringing in much needed revenue to the world. 

The Furbear has a long lifespan and after many years problems began. The beasts are only docile in their prepubescent stage. Once reaching adulthood the Furbears became aggressive usually attacking their owners/keepers. 

There was culls on many worlds but many Furbears have escaped into the wilds and are a danger to remote colonies on many worlds. 

The Furbear is a Furback from Laserburn line. 

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