Saturday, 11 April 2015

15mm Hammers Slammers Infantry

My Wild Galaxy setting is a mix of what I like. So far it is a heady mix of ideas and inspiration from lots of sources. Recently I have discovered the Hammers Slammers Novels by David Drake (not to mention the miniatures and games). The idea of Mercenary Companies working for who ever appeals to me as much as a galaxy filled with many nations does. It makes sense for us gamers to have a few armies of Mercs rather than the thousands of forces needed for a human (and Alien) filled galaxy. 

I have always like the Slammers Blower Tanks and Combat Cars. Which is why I am working on some. They will be in my Wild Galaxy setting doing what they do in the David Drake setting. Fighting on a contract.  Rather than work in my usual way, reinvent the force and use different colors I have decided to stick with the Hammers force colors. 

The Slammers are not all tanks. They have infantry too. 

This force has been assembled for the Gruntz Rules with 6 man squads rather than the Slammer's 4 man Squads. 

Platoon Commander


First Squad

Second Squad

Third Squad

Fourth Squad

The Slammers are GZG figures. Next up for this force - Blower tanks, combat cars and jeeps. 

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